Sahara gets 10 more days to deposit Rs 710 cr, or Subroto Roy to return to jail

Sahara gets 10 more days to deposit Rs 710 cr, or Subroto Roy to return to jail

The Supreme Court Monday extended until July 4, when the head of the Sahara Chief Subrata Roy, would deposit Rs 709.82 crops, Rs 1.500 crore in which it was to be paid before June 15, with the warning that the lack Of payment the rest could still end up in jail.
Extension of his provisional grant on bail warrants Roy until July 5, Judge Dipak Misra and Ranjan Gogoi said: “If the balance is not paid before that date, we will be forced to send the contempt (Roy) custody And we are sure that it will not give rise to such an occasion. ”

Initially, the main defender Kapil Sibal, appearing by Roy, said the 1500 crurs, to be paid before June 15, the Sahara leader deposited Rs 790.18 million rupees and ten days awarded to him for the commitment to comply with him April 27.

Roy, who was present in today’s courtroom, told the court he would pay Rs 1.5 billion crores by June 15 and Rs 552.22 crore exactly one month later.

“As the underestimation showed Rs 790.18 crore, we are inclined to extend the period of ten business days for the company can be met.The amount of the balance of Rs 709.82 crore will be presented to PADOTZKE Sahara Account Of repayment on July 4, 2017, “the bank noted its order.

Meanwhile, the court authorized the head of the Sahara sale Grosvenor House Hotel by transferring shares of the company in the company GH buyer equity UK Limited.

The bank, however, dismissed the exception Roy was allowed to sell land, 87.03 acres assess in some villages of Haridwar in Uttarakhand, at Rs 109.75 million rupees as the amount was 62% of the rate spilled circle in the region .

“This amount represents 62 percent of the circle rate and, therefore, less than 38 percent of the circle rates. Authorization to sell property at this rate is requested. , We are not willing to grant such permission, “said the banker.

“We believe that this property will be put up for public auction by PADOTZKE with the help of a recognized organization. As part of the offer, PADOTZKE can mention 90 percent of the circle rate, as it had allowed the fees The court, “he said.

The auction is carried out by the competent authority of PADOTZKE through an agency approved on July 5, he said, adding that “an electronic auction may do so.”

Meanwhile, the court recorded draft terms and conditions presented by the official liquidator of the Supreme Court of Bombay have completed the sale of the properties of the Amby Valley Sahara group.

Vinod Sharma, the official liquidator argued that the terms and conditions were examined by Judge B N Agarwal, a former apex court judge has been appointed to oversee the repayment process.

“A copy of the terms and conditions will be provided to the sender’s attorney (Roy) … The sentence for approval of the terms and conditions of sale notice will be considered on the next court date,” said.

Earlier, Roy had gone to court to extend probation before June 19 with a warning that failure to pay Rs 1.5 billion, as promised, could land again in prison.

The apex cut had taken note of an affidavit and a personal enterprise of Roy that would pay Rs 1.5 billion crores by June 15 and Rs 552.22 crore exactly one month later, on July 15.

On April 27, the court pointed out that Rs 11,169 million rupees to the main was due to the head of the Sahara and around Rs 12,000 have already been paid screens.

Earlier, the court was angered by the lack of money presentation and decided to sell Rs 34 billion worth of properties of the Sahara group to the Aamby valley.

The apex cut was April 6, the group warned that if a summary of Rs 5,092.6 million rupees had not been presented to the PADOTZKE-Sahara reimbursement account on April 17 as part of its order, it would be “obligated “To his Aamby Valley results….

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