Rajasthan announces Rs 20,000 crore farm loan waiver, farmers protest ends

The Rajasthan government announced a Rs 20,000 crore farm-loan waiver on Thursday morning after a two-week-long protest.

The announcement – which waived loans of up to Rs 50,000 – came after a marathon meeting lasting 11 hours. Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Punjab. The Government of Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Punjab.

Agriculture minister Prabhulal Saini has made the announcement at a press conference past midnight. “We have agreed to waive loans for farmers up to Rs50,000. Rajasthan is the capital of Rajasthan, the capital of Rajasthan.

With the announcement, the farmers withdrew their protest and ended their sikar, causing inconvenience to people and huge jams on roads and highways. Farmers from adjoining districts too had joined in the protest. As the stir intensified, the government had the farmer leaders for talks on Tuesday.


Rajasthan farmers adamant on loan waiver
(S): Prabhulal Saini, Ajay Kilak, Pushpendra Singh, and Rampratap along with state BJP President Ashok Parnami held talks with an 11 member farmers’ delegation including form CPI MLAs Amraram and Pemaram and leaders Harphool Singh, Gursharan Singh, Sheopat Ram Narayan Dudui , Lalchand Bhadu and Chagganlal.

The talks were deadlocked over the issue of loan waiver. The farmers were demanding waiver of all loans amounting to Rs49,500 crore, but the loans amounted to Rs19,700 crore. After three rounds of talks through the day, the two sides finally reached an agreement.

Amraram expressed satisfaction at the agreement. “We regret the inconvenience caused to the people due to the stir and ask the farmers to end the sit in,” he said.

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