Is Kangana Ranaut The New Aamir Khan?

How do you solve a problem like Kangana Ranaut? The narrative is bothersome, to say the least, which is why I suggest a quick recap of the prickliest parts. Her timing – as she parades facts about alleged ex-lovers Hrithik Roshan and Aditya Pancholi just before the release of her new film – feels distastefully opportunistic. By her own account, she has had affairs with married men and has gone to complain about those men to their wives and fathers. Her helpless, put-upon story does not quite add up, and several details appear askew.

She is considered a ‘difficult’ actress on set, as well as a demanding negotiator with an unrealistic sense of self-worth. She has angered numerous collaborators, and rumors about her sound both malicious and believable. Ketan Mehta’s Rani Lakshmibai project, putting together a film on the same subject – with another director, in another studio – after agreeing to the film for Mehta. She has gotten into an ugly spat by writing credits on her latest film, Simran. All of 31, she has audaciously declared that she will direct or co-direct all her upcoming films.

She has even made nepotism a bad word simply by repeating it a lot, ironically while employing her sister as her manager. Yet Kangana speaks her truth, and by doing so and never backing down, she has become such an anti-patriarchy poster child that it is almost impossible to criticize her today.

Nearly, and yet we manage. Which is the point entirely, in my opinion. The question is not how accurate Kangana is about her allegations, both romantic and writerly, or how reproachfully she should be admonished for various flaws and insinuations.

The real question is why on earth are so many of us are keen to point fingers? We can choose not to agree with her, but instead we defame and accuse. She has raised the industry’s hackles. Is this because her tell-all person is inconvenient to a community that prefers its skeletons closeted? Or is she widely labeled out of control primarily because she’s a woman?

I ask since several broadsides I see levelled at Kangana Ranaut sound dashed familiar. They make me think, to be precise, of Aamir Khan.


In May 2006, just before Fanaa was released, Khan – the film’s leading man – went on record with the BJP’s handling of the Narmada Dam issue in Gujarat. He spoke passionately about the cause and joined in with activists, but after the film had been released, it was nowhere to be seen and the subject publicly. Khan has since gained some infamy for making news and headlines prior to a film release, and while we cast aspersions on Ranaut for going on about Hrithik Roshan before Simran hits theaters, Khan is admired as a cunning operator for this very reason.

One of the industry’s most persistent rumors has been with Khan ‘directing’ most of the movies he stars in, and such of his on-set interference are legendary. It is whispered that Khan chooses filmmakers who are willing to submit to his vision, and because their films without Khan do not as well as the ones he makes with them – and he specifically makes one film apiece with most directors – Khan is widely considered as the guy who “really” made the film happen. For her on-set accuracy, Ranaut is branded a troublemaker even as this behavior earned Khan his ‘perfectionist’ tag.

Back in 2007, Taare Zameen Par producer Aamir Khan had an awful row with the original film director Amol Gupte, culminating in Gupte forced to back off the project and the credit direction going to Khan himself. Ranaut had a messy struggle about writing credits with Simran screenwriter Apurva Asrani, and this trail of emails shows, it is not likely to end amicably. Ranaut continues to be grilled on the subject, as opposed to Khan who got away with the shrug – and plenty of applause.

After the success of Queen and Tanu Weds Manu Returns, Ranaut rightly refuses to settle for low renumeration and holds out for a bigger piece of the pie. In an interview, she claimed to be paid 80% of what Ranbir Kapoor / Ranveer Singh makes, which is a giant statement considering this industry is so lopsided that Shahid Kapoor makes significantly more money per film than Deepika Padukone

. Meanwhile, Aamir Khan has reportedly struck an unprecedented deal with Yash Raj Films for the upcoming Thugs Of Hindostan where he will get a whopping 60% of the film’s profits. None of these numbers may actually be true, but most producers I have spoken to applaud Khan’s acumen, while they wait for one to bring Ranaut “down to earth.”

Are we being fair? Are we calling it down the middle? As evidenced by the opening paragraphs of this piece, I am not an applauding member of Team Kangana. I also do not think Aamir Khan resembles Kangana Ranaut, or that she will someday direct all-girls Lagaan remake. I just believe it’s worth examining


A sex addict, Gurmeet Ram Rahim is now having withdrawal symptoms in jail

After Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh was diagnosed as a sex addict, doctors said the disease suffers from satyriasis – an excessive and uncontrollable desire for sex. A team of five doctors, including a psychiatrist, PGIMS examined Ram Rahim on Wednesday.
The reports said Ram Rahim complained of discomfort and unrest. Soon, a team of doctors visited him at Sunaira Prison in Rohtak. The doctors, after the examination, stated that Ram Rahim is a sexual addict and that the discomfort is only the symptoms of withdrawal. Interestingly, during his trial, Ram Rahim was medically unfit to have sex and it was impotent.
The special CBI tribunal, however, had rejected his allegations. Sources said he would have told doctors that health problems are a physical manifestation of some withdrawal symptoms he is suffering from. “The baba is, in fact, a follower of sex.” He has no access to physical pleasures in the prison which is at the origin of his agitation. “said a doctor who examined him in the prison. However, it remains unclear whether he was addicted to the drug too.
Some reports suggest that the Dera chief consumed alcohol until 1988. “I may not drink any more liquor now, but I have regularly consumed energy drinks and sex tonics that are particularly imported from Australia and other countries, “said a doctor. Interestingly, he asked the prison authorities to allow the “physiotherapist” Honeypreet to stay with him in the prison. He allegedly threatened the prison staff when he was asked to leave the prison complex. Meanwhile, Dera’s IT manager, Vineet, was arrested on Wednesday.
The police seized hard drives that were hidden in the toilet. The storage devices recorded recordings of approximately 5,000 CCTV cameras installed in the premises of Dera and Ram Rahim before being sent to prison. Sources said that this arrest should open up important tracks in the case.


iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8: A battle for smartphone dominance

Galaxy Note 8 vs. iPhone X. Paris is also available in this confrontation. The Prost vs. Senna, Federer vs. Nadal And In The World Of Cricket, India vs. Pakistan. In the game of smartphones, the constant rivalry between Apple and Samsung is competitive and relentless as mention.

Le Galaxy Note 8 and the iPhone X that the best ce that Samsung and Apple will try in the domain of smartphones. Le Galaxy Note 8 is the best Android phone for the iPhone X (default) le meilleur iPhone. Therefore, all Android and iOS smartphones have been offered in September 2017.

The note 8 and the iPhone X are freed with the components intérieurs immensément puissants, a beautiful incontournable conception, of cameras to double capacity, an OLED screen and a faciale recognition. Dans ce jeu froid et impitoyable, le smartphone devrait-il être victorieux? Regardons les deux téléphones en détail:

The history of all smartphones revolves around its design. Le Galaxy Note 8 contains many design models that Samsung presents in S8 and S8 Plus. Il est livré avec le même affichage “Infini” à bord et à distance. The smartphone is the composite glass and metal through the “Infinity” screen at a screen speed of 83%.

Eh well, it looks very good to S8, it’s not the most curviligne: il semblante plus encombrant et plus gérable.
Comme le Galaxy Note 8, the iPhone X is also a biseau and borderless design, a display shipped expansif and a plein verre.
The stainless steel masterpiece that allows the smartphone carrier and the free expedition, in appuyant on the impression of his phone in this sense that follows of glacer. What is the difference between the camera and the camera? What is the veritable caméra?

L’élégance parmi les objets intelligents selon l’édition complète des goûts et des préférences personnelles. Quelques objets d’argent 8. Le beau est dans l’œil du spectateur. Quelques objets d’argent 8. Le beau est dans l’œil du spectateur. Who can not be nié, is that smart phones are extremely futuristic and cutting edge.

Le Galaxy Note 8 with a 6.3-inch Super AMOLED screen with the Cuad HD + resolution and an aspect ratio of 18: 9. The Apple iPhone légèrement plus petit, 5.8 “Super Retina” according to Apple, qui offre an exceptionnel contrast, an excellent support of precise colors and colors.
Note 8 and the iPhone X with a plate with the plate with almost no biseau to speak. In conséquence, ils onté l’élégant et futuriste – comme s’ils étaient des apparences of films of science fiction.

Unfinished similarities: telephones intelligents avec des panneaux OLED that prennent in charge HDR 10 and Dolby Vision. The iPhone X as a South of the Spot, also in the form of TrueTone technology. L’écran True Tone modifies the temperature and color of the curtains depending on the environment reduces oculaire fatigue.
The iPhone X and note 8 are a technology equipment of faciale recognition d’un visage. However, Apple et son identité visuelle sont plus sécurisés, plus rapides et plus adaptables. Il y a eu des rapports génétiques sur la technologie de reconnaissance faciale de Samsung which is to be confused with the use of photos. Apple a dût identifier the opportunity to make a million people in the form of a character on the face of the other person.

Samsung’s biometric authentication works very well in the light of the light. The identification of the face, from other parties, the agreement with Apple, is eliminated by the lighting of the luxury intranet on the edge of the iPhone X.
Quoi de neuf on paper, the technology of identification of the Apple card, you are certain that the best chosen to do in note 8,.

Note 8: Use of a digital printing album to border. The capteur d’identification tactil d’Apple, which has been registered on all iPhones since the introduction on iPhone 5 in 2013, is remarqué by his son on the iPhone X.
If you are thinking of the rumeurs, Apple sincerely broadcasts the iPhone X digital cloud charger why the company is not connected to the smartphone screen. Même le capteur d’empreinte digitale de la note 8 est dans une endroit embarrassant et difficile, il est toujours préférable


What you should (Do) while selecting Best Wireless Router

There are many people who are curious to get the proper Wireless Router due to the High-Frequency Bandwidth which is quite better than any other Networks such as 2G, 3G or 4G etc. People have lots of work in the Company and they have to manage every task within the particular Time period.

So it is necessary to purchase a better Wireless Router as it will provide them High Internet speed according to their requirement. It is possible to select the Best Wireless Router, but it is the difficult task.

There are lots of Wireless Routers of various Companies like Asus, Netgear, and Linksys etc. which provides you High Speed.

So it is also necessary to check the Wireless Router with some of the Steps mentions below -:

1) Note your Internet Top Speed

Internet speed can be known by contacting your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or else looking at the A/C Details. Internet speed is measured in the Megabytes and if your Internet Speed is 100 Mb/s, then people will require a better Router which provides them 100 Mb/s Speed.

2) Look for Local Internet Service Provider

There are many of the Alternatives for getting a Local Internet Service Provider. There are lots of options given by the Service Provider to get a Wireless Router at Rent.

This will make your Routers cost less per month, but it will provide you better Wireless Router speed. So try this if you have a money issue.

3) Check whether you have a proper Router or not –

If the people have a Wireless Router than they should not take a Router as they have to take both the Router and Modem. Modem is used to connect to the Access point and the Router plugs into the Modem for broadcasting the Signal of Wi-Fi.

If the people already have the better Router of different Company, then they should authenticate with their current ISP for ensuring that the Modem will work with the current service. People can be able to purchase Router as well as Modem for a Low Price Range as it is much more costly for replacing or fixing it.

4) Outline your Budget –

If you have a budget in mind and want to take both Router and Modem, then with your Budget, you will get clear idea of choosing the Router and Modem. People have to spend atleast $200 to get a better Wireless Router with Modem of better quality.

People should keep a Flexible Budget, as Router can be more reliable and provide better Performance if it costs more cost than your Budget. So it is important to have a quite better budget to get a High-Quality Router and Modem.

5) Space require for keeping the Router for covering your entire area –

People should first determine the Range of the Router and check the Room area for the Router Signal to reach at it. Floors as well as Walls reduce the Speed of the Signal and people require a Router as per the Area of the Room.

People will require High Range Router for a Big Room and Small Range Router for a Small Room. If the people work on many Rooms with wide space area, then they will require buying a more than one Router and have to place them on the similar Network.



Sahara gets 10 more days to deposit Rs 710 cr, or Subroto Roy to return to jail

Sahara gets 10 more days to deposit Rs 710 cr, or Subroto Roy to return to jail

The Supreme Court Monday extended until July 4, when the head of the Sahara Chief Subrata Roy, would deposit Rs 709.82 crops, Rs 1.500 crore in which it was to be paid before June 15, with the warning that the lack Of payment the rest could still end up in jail.
Extension of his provisional grant on bail warrants Roy until July 5, Judge Dipak Misra and Ranjan Gogoi said: “If the balance is not paid before that date, we will be forced to send the contempt (Roy) custody And we are sure that it will not give rise to such an occasion. ”

Initially, the main defender Kapil Sibal, appearing by Roy, said the 1500 crurs, to be paid before June 15, the Sahara leader deposited Rs 790.18 million rupees and ten days awarded to him for the commitment to comply with him April 27.

Roy, who was present in today’s courtroom, told the court he would pay Rs 1.5 billion crores by June 15 and Rs 552.22 crore exactly one month later.

“As the underestimation showed Rs 790.18 crore, we are inclined to extend the period of ten business days for the company can be met.The amount of the balance of Rs 709.82 crore will be presented to PADOTZKE Sahara Account Of repayment on July 4, 2017, “the bank noted its order.

Meanwhile, the court authorized the head of the Sahara sale Grosvenor House Hotel by transferring shares of the company in the company GH buyer equity UK Limited.

The bank, however, dismissed the exception Roy was allowed to sell land, 87.03 acres assess in some villages of Haridwar in Uttarakhand, at Rs 109.75 million rupees as the amount was 62% of the rate spilled circle in the region .

“This amount represents 62 percent of the circle rate and, therefore, less than 38 percent of the circle rates. Authorization to sell property at this rate is requested. , We are not willing to grant such permission, “said the banker.

“We believe that this property will be put up for public auction by PADOTZKE with the help of a recognized organization. As part of the offer, PADOTZKE can mention 90 percent of the circle rate, as it had allowed the fees The court, “he said.

The auction is carried out by the competent authority of PADOTZKE through an agency approved on July 5, he said, adding that “an electronic auction may do so.”

Meanwhile, the court recorded draft terms and conditions presented by the official liquidator of the Supreme Court of Bombay have completed the sale of the properties of the Amby Valley Sahara group.

Vinod Sharma, the official liquidator argued that the terms and conditions were examined by Judge B N Agarwal, a former apex court judge has been appointed to oversee the repayment process.

“A copy of the terms and conditions will be provided to the sender’s attorney (Roy) … The sentence for approval of the terms and conditions of sale notice will be considered on the next court date,” said.

Earlier, Roy had gone to court to extend probation before June 19 with a warning that failure to pay Rs 1.5 billion, as promised, could land again in prison.

The apex cut had taken note of an affidavit and a personal enterprise of Roy that would pay Rs 1.5 billion crores by June 15 and Rs 552.22 crore exactly one month later, on July 15.

On April 27, the court pointed out that Rs 11,169 million rupees to the main was due to the head of the Sahara and around Rs 12,000 have already been paid screens.

Earlier, the court was angered by the lack of money presentation and decided to sell Rs 34 billion worth of properties of the Sahara group to the Aamby valley.

The apex cut was April 6, the group warned that if a summary of Rs 5,092.6 million rupees had not been presented to the PADOTZKE-Sahara reimbursement account on April 17 as part of its order, it would be “obligated “To his Aamby Valley results….


BJP bhagao, desh bachao rally: Lalu isolated as Sonia, Mayawati, Left skip event

BJP bhagao, desh bachao rally: Lalu isolated as Sonia, Mayawati, Left skip event

It is unlikely that the opposition will unite against the BJP for now. Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) Supreme Lalu Prasad’s attempt to create a “mahagathbandhan” (national alliance) at the national level to take the government in power of Narendra Modi at the Center in the 2019 elections Lok Sabha turned into a wet squib .

Congress chairman Sonia Gandhi, his son and vice-president, Rahul Gandhi, the president of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), Mayawati and the left-wing parties, refused to participate in the BJP bhagao, desh bachao, August by Lalu Prasad in Patna.

Lalu Prasad had planned the rally about four months ago, while the three-party government of the mahagathbandhan was still in power in Bihar. He attempted to replicate the mahagathbandhan experience at the national level in an effort to oust the NDA government led by BJP.

To this end, he invited the BSP and Samajwadi Party (SP) rivals to attend the rally. In fact, SP leader Akhilesh Yadav not only confirmed his participation but also announced that Mayawati would also be present at the rally in May himself.

In order to create an anti-BJP axis, Lalu Prasad had already tried to experiment with an alliance in Uttar Pradesh.
He launched the idea of ​​BSP and SP challenging together against the BJP in the UP Assembly elections, the results of which were announced in March.
However, the plan failed due to the opposition of Prime Minister SP Mulayam Singh Yadav and the reluctance of Mayawati.

Lalu Prasad’s second attempt to bring the opposition parties to a common platform also seems to be doing nothing.

The opposition unit has already received the biggest shock when Janata Dal (United) [Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar, headed by Kumar] left the NDA camp during the presidential election.

Unlike the opposition opposition candidate, Meira Kumar, JD (U) supported the NDA candidate, Ram Nath Kovind.
The August 27 rally will prove to be another failed attempt by Lalu Prasad to tie non-NDA parties.

Apprehending Sonia Gandhi’s absence from the rally, Lalu Prasad reportedly asked to send his daughter Priyanka Vadra instead. This was also considered an affront to Rahul Gandhi. Much for the grief of the chief RJD, even
Priyanka does not attend the rally. The Gandhi-Nehru family will not be represented. The leader of the opposition in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad is likely to represent Congress.

From BSP, Rajya Sabha, deputy Satish Chandra Mishra is likely to come on behalf of Mayawati.
The three heavyweights to attend the rally would be West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, former UP CM Akhilesh Yadav and rebel JD (U), Sharad Yadav.
However, in the absence of the Gandhi family, the left and Mayawati parties, the “BJP bhagao, desh bachao” gathering would lose its luster and importance.

Sharad Yadav holds public interactions in the framework of his “Janta se seedha sanvad” (direct dialogue with people) in order to know the political pulse of people ….


Doklam standoff: Countering China in the backyard, Indian Navy silently tightens grip over Indian Ocean

Doklam standoff: Countering China in the backyard, Indian Navy silently tightens grip over Indian Ocean

While countries like Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand are vigorously observing the results of the Doklam expansion in Bhutan between the Indian and Chinese armies, New Delhi instructed the Indian Navy to quietly extend its influence and strengthen its dominance over the Region of the Indian Ocean.

In addition, the problem of immediate security, the positioning of India in Doklam is also influenced by the message that the results of the standby will send to these neighboring countries.
In the past two months, Indian and Chinese troops clashed on the Doklam plateau in Bhutan. China wants to build a path across the plateau. India opposes the road and has deployed the army.

For the first time, Bangladesh – which now leads the Indian Ocean Naval Symposium (IONS) – with the help of India, will organize a major naval exercise involving more than a dozen countries.

IONS is an initiative of India aimed at enhancing maritime cooperation among Marines in the Indian Ocean region’s coastal states. The IONS was designed by the UPA government to bring together the region’s “friendly” Marines to counter China’s growing aggressiveness in the Indian Ocean region.

It is likely that the exercise, likely involving more than a dozen countries, will be held in the Bay of Bengal. The IONS platform was inactive in recent years, “we decided to revitalize the platform,” a senior Defense Ministry official told India today and added, “a great exercise involving several coastal countries sends a tacit but clear message . ”

Although China has focused on large funds, India has decided to adopt a more benign approach. Indian Navy launches initiative Sambandh – Navy officers and cadets from smaller countries without large marines will be received aboard the INS Vikramaditya – the aircraft carrier of India – Aircraft Destroyer Class of Kolkatta – rebellion and art Stealth missile – INS Kalvari – diesel-electric class submarine Scorpene etc.

“The smaller cadets and naval officers will get the taste of the blue navy and the size of the marines being organized,” said a senior official. Cadets and officers from countries such as Bangladesh, Kenya, Oman, Tanzania, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, etc. It will be soon on these platforms. South Block has already given permission for the initiative.

In addition to the initiation of Sambandh, the Indian Navy joins the neighborhood by expanding its training program. Training teams from the Indian Navy will now travel to neighboring countries.

“Many countries can not send their officers, cadets to a foreign country for training, this initiative will fill this gap,” said a senior official.
Each Mobile Training Team (MTT) will have between 8 and 10 officers and may train more officers in their homes than the officer has added. Bangladesh has already asked India to establish its naval training school.


Right to privacy judgment: SC says sexual orientation essential attribute of privacy and must be protected

Right to privacy judgment: SC says sexual orientation essential attribute of privacy and must be protected

The Supreme Court verdict said that the right to privacy is a fundamental right scored the hope of the gay and LGBT community that was hit by the same court when it criminalized sex between two consenting adults of the same sex and withdrew it from the Scope of application of Article 377.

In today’s trial, the apex court found that privacy protection basically preserves personal privacy and that sexual orientation is an essential attribute of privacy. The court held that the protection of identity and the protection of sexual orientation were covered by the fundamental rights established in articles 14, 15 and 21 of the Constitution.

“The purpose of elevating certain rights in the stature of fundamental rights is to isolate their major disdain for exercise, whether legislative or popular.

The guarantee of constitutional rights does not depend on its exercise favorably considered by the majority opinion “he told the court, adding that” Koushal’s purpose that some processing is not an index Rape is wrong and can not be Accepted “.

The Supreme Court added that “discrimination against an individual on the basis of sexual orientation is deeply offensive to the dignity and self-esteem of the individual.

Equality requires that the sexual orientation of every individual in society be protected on a uniform platform. The right to privacy and the protection of sexual orientation is at the heart of the fundamental rights guaranteed by articles 14, 15 and 21 of the Constitution. ”

Although the Supreme Court in its earlier ruling adopted a majority opinion, the last ruling held that popular acceptance can not be the basis for the ignorance of rights.
The court reconsidered its earlier ruling in the case of the Suresh Kumar Vs. Naz to take advantage of his decision.

The case was decided in Delhi High Court and later filed before the Supreme Court of India. The Delhi High Court has ruled that article 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), while penalizing sexual acts consented to by adults in private, was contrary to the fundamental rights guaranteed by articles 14 (equality before the law ) 15 (prohibition of discrimination based on religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth) and 21 (Protection of life and personal liberty) of the Constitution.

The Supreme Court stated that Article 377 continue to govern non-consensual penis sex, non-vaginal sex and non-minor penis involves vaginal.
The Supreme Court held that section 377 denied the dignity of an individual and criminalized his basic identity on the basis of his sexuality, adding that he also violated article 14 of homosexuals as a class.
“The scope of privacy allows individuals to develop human relationships without the interference of the outside or state community,” adding that “in the Constitution of India, the right to live with dignity and the right to privacy are recognized as The dimensions of Article 21 … “, said the High Court.


Cyborg bacteria can harvest solar energy to produce fuel

Cyborg bacteria can harvest solar energy to produce fuel

Los Angeles: Scientists have created cyborg bacteria – microbes covered with tiny, highly efficient solar panels – that are better than plants for harnessing the Sun’s energy to produce fuel from carbon dioxide and water.

Photosynthesis provides energy for the vast majority of life on earth. However, chlorophyll, the green pigment that plants use to collect sunlight, is relatively ineffective.

To allow humans to capture more of the sun’s energy than natural photosynthesis, scientists have taught bacteria to cover themselves in small, highly efficient solar panels to produce useful compounds.
“Instead of relying on ineffective chlorophyll in sunlight harvesting, I taught how bacteria grow and cover their bodies with tiny semiconductor nanocrystals,” said Kelsey K Sakimoto, University of California, Berkeley In the United States.

“These nanocrystals are much more effective than chlorophyll and can be grown at a fraction of the cost of fabricated solar panels,” Sakimoto said.

Humans are always looking to find alternatives to fossil fuels as a source of energy and raw materials for chemical production.

Many scientists have been working to create artificial photosynthetic systems to generate renewable energy and simple organic chemicals that use sunlight.

Progress has been made, but the systems are not efficient enough for the commercial production of fuels and raw materials.

New research focuses on the operation of inorganic semiconductors that can capture sunlight for organisms such as bacteria that can then use energy to produce useful chemicals from carbon dioxide and water.

Scientists working with a natural bacteria, non-photosynthetic, thermoacetic Moorella, which in the normal course of respiration, the product of acetic acid from carbon dioxide (CO2).

Acetic acid is a versatile chemical that can be easily converted into various fuels, polymers, pharmaceuticals and basic chemicals through complementary and genetically modified bacteria.

Researchers fed cadmium and the amino acid cysteine, which contains a sulfur atom, bacteria, have been synthesized cadmium sulfide (CdS) nanoparticles, which function as solar panels on their surfaces.

The hybrid body, M thermoacetic-CdS, product of acetic acid from CO2, water and light.

“Once covered with these small solar panels, bacteria can synthesize food, fuel and plastics, all use of solar energy,” Sakimoto said.

“These bacteria outnumber natural photosynthesis,” he said.

Bacteria operate in more than 80% and the process is self-replicating and self-healing, making the waste technology zero.

“Synthetic biology and the possibility of expanding the range of CO2 reduction products will be essential to put the technology in place, or one of the many substitutes for the petrochemical industry,” Sakimoto said.


Mumbai Diary: Thursday Dossier

Mumbai Diary: Thursday Dossier

Tell-all of Rajan is ready
When Raghuram Rajan took office as governor of the RBI in September 2013, India’s economy was in freefall.

However, the financial objective has been to overcome the obstacles, to incite the confidence of India and the world with its bold measures, recalling the full strength of Indian institutions and their intention to reform and a strong economy to Despite the shocks.

His three-year boarding school in his 18th floor office at Fort Buzz was an economics lesson for any freshman. Never hesitate to call a sword, Rajan reiterated the need for political freedom for economic growth.

Now, your opinions will come together as I do what I do reflecting this period through your comments and speeches on important issues and policies.

The country celebrated 70 years of independence last week, and literary knowledge of the city celebrated the way they do best: get their gray cells in a Star-Tribune.

Right to India at the age of 70, debates focused on journalistic heavyweights N Ram and Shekhar Gupta, OSE president Arundhati Bhattacharya, academic and academic Homi K. Bhabha, poet laureate Gulzar opening essay with His play on words.

Literature people live! Organized the event, and it was a night to reflect on the current situation in India, as is apparent from this photo Shobhaa photo conversation Deep with Dilip, her industrial husband.

It’s time for a #Throwback piece Thursday. The hashtag symbol, which made its way into almost anything anyone posts on Twitter, turned 10 yesterday. It was the 23rd of August 2007, that the first word accompanied by a hashtag, was used #barcamp.

The hash symbol has been used as an index term on the Web, but it was former Google designer Chris Messina who first suggested using it with this message: “How do you create using # (pound) for groups.

Like #barcamp [msg]? “Since then, the hashtag has become a vernacular Internet part every day, making its presence felt in everything from the events of the world, however, return images. Today, an average of 125 million uses hashtags On Twitter every day.There is a great growth in a decade.

If you wonder how the stories of four magical characters from the movie lipstick under my final burka, they have some interesting news. This chronicler spoke recently to Aahana Kumra, who plays in the movie Leela recently and found that the objectives of the four scenarios soared.

“But when we look at them later, we all feel it was best to end the movie with the scene where the four women get together and laugh a break,” he said. “After all, the real life of rebellion is made up of little daily acts, which are far from dramatic.” We agree.