Mumbai Diary: Thursday Dossier

Mumbai Diary: Thursday Dossier

Tell-all of Rajan is ready
When Raghuram Rajan took office as governor of the RBI in September 2013, India’s economy was in freefall.

However, the financial objective has been to overcome the obstacles, to incite the confidence of India and the world with its bold measures, recalling the full strength of Indian institutions and their intention to reform and a strong economy to Despite the shocks.

His three-year boarding school in his 18th floor office at Fort Buzz was an economics lesson for any freshman. Never hesitate to call a sword, Rajan reiterated the need for political freedom for economic growth.

Now, your opinions will come together as I do what I do reflecting this period through your comments and speeches on important issues and policies.

The country celebrated 70 years of independence last week, and literary knowledge of the city celebrated the way they do best: get their gray cells in a Star-Tribune.

Right to India at the age of 70, debates focused on journalistic heavyweights N Ram and Shekhar Gupta, OSE president Arundhati Bhattacharya, academic and academic Homi K. Bhabha, poet laureate Gulzar opening essay with His play on words.

Literature people live! Organized the event, and it was a night to reflect on the current situation in India, as is apparent from this photo Shobhaa photo conversation Deep with Dilip, her industrial husband.

It’s time for a #Throwback piece Thursday. The hashtag symbol, which made its way into almost anything anyone posts on Twitter, turned 10 yesterday. It was the 23rd of August 2007, that the first word accompanied by a hashtag, was used #barcamp.

The hash symbol has been used as an index term on the Web, but it was former Google designer Chris Messina who first suggested using it with this message: “How do you create using # (pound) for groups.

Like #barcamp [msg]? “Since then, the hashtag has become a vernacular Internet part every day, making its presence felt in everything from the events of the world, however, return images. Today, an average of 125 million uses hashtags On Twitter every day.There is a great growth in a decade.

If you wonder how the stories of four magical characters from the movie lipstick under my final burka, they have some interesting news. This chronicler spoke recently to Aahana Kumra, who plays in the movie Leela recently and found that the objectives of the four scenarios soared.

“But when we look at them later, we all feel it was best to end the movie with the scene where the four women get together and laugh a break,” he said. “After all, the real life of rebellion is made up of little daily acts, which are far from dramatic.” We agree.

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