Lockheed To Move Base To India To Make F-16 Planes With Tata

Lockheed To Move Base To India To Make F-16 Planes With Tata

PARIS: Lockheed Martin on Monday signed an agreement with Tata Advanced Systems in India to produce F-16 fighter jets in India, providing a plan to relocate its Texas plant to earn one billion order from the Indian Army.

India Air Force needs hundreds of airplanes to replace its Soviet-era fleet, but the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi said foreign suppliers must airplanes in India with local partner to help build a national industrial base and reduce imports .

India did not open formal offers for the purpose of jets, which should be 100 to 250 aircraft.

The agreement is an “attempt to partner to meet the requirement of India Make-in-India by creating an F-16 production line in India,” said F-16 Lockheed Business Development Leader Martin, Phil Howard. Margin of aerial exhibition in Paris.

But the PM Making-in-India polo Modi may oppose America’s first campaign by US President Donald Trump so he asked companies to invest in the United States and create jobs instead of setting factories abroad.

However, Lockheed met and reported to the current US administration on his plan, and Howard said he had all the support of Trump’s management feel.
In announcing their acceptance of the Paris air show, Lockheed and Tata indicated that moves based on Indian production continue to hold jobs in the United States.

Saab of Sweden is the other competitor to supply the Indian air army, offering its wrestler Gripen to India. It has not yet announced a local partner for the aircraft it launched as a modern alternative to the F-16s.

The announcement comes a few days before PM Modi visits Washington for a first meeting with M. Trump, scheduled for June. 26.

India and the United States built a close defense relationship in recent years, Washington is among the top three arms suppliers in India, with Russia and Israel.

India will also have the ability to export the F-16 is flown by the world’s air forces, according to the statement. Some 3 200 of these aircraft are flown by 26 countries and the model offered in India block 70, the most modern of all F-16s.

Tata has already built fuselage components for C-130 military transport aircraft.

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