Karti Chidambaram appears before CBI, quizzed for ‘over eight hours’

Karti Chidambaram appears before CBI, quizzed for ‘over eight hours’

The son of former UN Secretary-General Chidambaram, Karti Chidambaram, appeared Wednesday before the ICC and was interrogated for more than eight hours in connection with a corruption case.

While Karti is due to be reviewed again on August 28, Congress today called for a case of political revenge by the NDA government led by the BJP.

According to sources, Karti asked more than 100 questions about the relationship of a company associated with him in the INX case. He arrived at the IWC headquarters around 10:20 am and left around 6:30 pm – his appearance was provided by a Supreme Court order.

The IWC Compensation Survey of the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) granted INX Means for FDI during Chidambaram’s term as Finance Minister. It is alleged that a company “indirectly controlled” by Karti received money from INX Media, led by Indrani and Peter Mukerjea.

The caller “is nothing but the worst kind of political revenge,” Senate Senate leader Manish Tewari said: “It is very surprising that the government approves and registers a FIR against unknown persons regarding the authorizations of the FIPB.

Who are these unknown people? (They were) six senior secretaries of the government of India at that time … If this government has the courage, let them name these unknown people.

The FIPB is composed of six senior secretaries of the Government of India – Secretary of Commerce, Secretary of Finance, Secretary of Income and the other three. They make the recommendations and the minister makes a signal.

The IWC had registered the case on May 15 against Karti’s chess management, Advantage INX Digital Services Strategic Consulting, its director Padma Vishwanathan and Mukerjeas.

The Mukerjeas are in prison in connection with the murder of Indrani’s daughter, Sheena Bora. Chidambaram had responded to the FIR, saying that the government was using the CBI and other agencies to guide its son. The FIPB’s approval, he said, was granted in “hundreds of cases.”

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