Virat Kohli refuses mega-bucks offer to endorse soft drinks

Le capitaine de l’équipe indienne de cricket, Virat Kohli, an article that can not be seen in the future after having rejected the massive monétaire offer for the promotion of brand gazeuses drinks. Kohli a révélé que lui-même ne consomme pas de boissons gazeuses, donc l’approbation d’un produit était hors de question.

Kohli to confirm the nouvelle au journal. The Hindu disant that the promotion of soft drinks was out of the question puisqu’il did not have personallement consumed for physical reasons.

There has already been in the same magazine as that. Le capitaine de l’équipe de cricket indien déclaré: “Je me convainc en la suite, je peux le faire et ensuite demander à mes coéquipiers de le faire”.

Legend of badminton Pullela Gopichand has also received a mega-bid for the end of alcoholic drinks and some years, but it is a rejection. Gopichand a déclaré à l’hindou: “J’étais in yoga, meditation and the strict regime,” dit Gopi

. “J’avais pris l’engagement de ne pas avoir des boissons gazeuses, et quand j’ai gagné le titre en Angleterre (2001), j’ai i cette grande offre. Comme je ne prenais pas de boissons gazeuses, je ne voulais pas être encouragé à boire simplement parce que j’avais an énorme montant pour cela. ”

Gopichand aussi accessible qu’il n’a pas pasé ses étudiants de haut niveau d’endosser les boissons gazeuses. “Je ne les ai pas empêchés d’endosser une boisson gazeuse”. “C’est leur choix.


Hindi Diwas 2017: Top 5 Bollywood movies to watch; From Chupke Chupke to Golmaal, see some standout clips

Hindi Diwas is being celebrated today. Hindi as the official language of the Republic of India. The Hindi language.

On the day, programs are organized at educational, governmental and non-governmental organizations and other enterprises to promote the language. Hindi film industry. Hindi film industry. Hindi film industry. Hindi film industry. Hindi film industry.

In its decades old period of time, Bollywood has given us many masterpieces that narrate the importance of the language in an entertaining yet impactful way. Here is a list of five such movies you can watch and enjoy on
The 1975 release Chupke Chupke is one of the top picks for Hindi Diwas.

The movie starring Dharmendra, Sharmila Tagore, Amitabh Bachchan and others showed a newly married couple. In the movie, Dharmendra was seen speaking in pure Hindi that confused his in laws but tickled funny bone of the audience. However, on the sideline of entertainment, the movie successfully inks the importance of the language on the minds of the viewers.


Shinzo Abe in Gujarat LIVE updates: PM Modi grateful to Japan for assistance in Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project

On day 2 of his visit to Gujarat, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Narendra Modi inaugurated the Mumbai-Ahmedabad high-speed rail project at Ceremony near the Sabarmati Railway Station. The two prime ministers will then visit Dandu Kutir, a museum dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, before holding bilateral talks at Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar. Their meeting, the tenth in the last three years, will focus on defence technology and cooperation and bilateral trade between the two countries.

Modi, who is hosting the Japanese PM in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, received Abe and his wife, at the airport – a departure from protocol – on Wednesday, before embarking on an open-top vehicle to the Sabramati Ashram. After a guided tour of the Ashram, they visited Sidi Saiyyed Ni Jaali, a 16th-century mosque. Modi later hosted Abe and Akie at Gujarati rooftop restaurant.

Japan PM Shinzo Abe in Gujarat LIVE updates:
1.17 pm: A top government source tells The Indian Express that there will be a strong reference to North Korea in joint statement by PM Narendra Modi and Shinzo Abe.
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11.47 am: Modi and Abe are now visiting Dandi Kutir, a museum dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi.
11.03 am: “I believe we can finish this project in the least possible time if we work together,” said PM Modi.
10.48 am: Adding that it can be used to empower the poor, it can be used in fight against poverty, Modi said.

10.45 am: “India has a loan of Rs 88,000 crore at 0.1 per cent interest for the bullet train,” Modi said thanking Japan for providing financial and technical assistance in this project. “Ek prakar se mufat mein poora project bannta jaaraha hai.”
10.40 am: PM Narendra Modi said that “transport system plays an important role in ensuring connectivity in the country. People of the country make use of this connectivity in several ways. ”

10.37 am: “Japan has shown that it has a true friend of India,” PM Modi said adding that Japanes PM Shinzo Abe has contributed greatly towards the rapid development of this project. “The next generation growth will take place in places which have high-speed corridors.”

10.35 am: “The bullet train project is a project that will bring speed and employment. It is human-friendly and eco-friendly, “Modi said.
10.33 am: “This is the New India and the flight of its dreams is endless,” said PM Narendra Modi. He also said India has taken a very important step towards its dream.

10:31 am: PM Modi welcomes Chief Ministers of Gujarat and Maharashtra and various dignitaries present at the event.
10:29 am: If we work together nothing is impossible: Japanese PM Shinzo Abe on India-Japan partnership
10:28 am: Dear friend PM Modi is a far-sighted leader, he made a decision of making New India & Japan thing partner, we completely support it: PM Abe
10:28 am: Japan is committed to the scheme of ‘Make in India’: Japanese PM Shinzo Abe
10:27 am: Japan ka Ja and India’s I becomes Jai, and that’s what we will say for Japan PM.

10:25 am: No accidents have been reported since Shinkansen was launched in Japan. Japan’s know-how of the Shinkansen technology will help India’s Railways system, says Japan PM.
10:24 am: India can become a global manufacturing hub. Shinkansen will spread from Sabarmati to the rest of India. And Japanese engineers are all set to put in their hard work, says Japan PM.
10:22 am: More than 100 engineers from Japan have come to India and are talking to each other constantly, says Japan PM.

10:20 am: PM Modi had taken a decision two years back of getting high-speed railways and for this, he thing Japan’s Shinkansen, says Shinzo Abe.
Shinzo Abe, Narendra Modi, Bullet Train, Bullet train launch, bullet train india, japan, india, modi speech, india news, bullet train news news, latest news, live updates modi gujarat shinzo Prime Minister Narendra Modi share a lighter during the ground breaking ceremony for high speed rail project in Ahmedabad. (Source: AP Photo)

10:19 am: Japanese PM Shinzo Abe starts his address with “Namaskar”
10.13 am: A presentation on the bullet train is playing. The bullet train, which covers a distance of 508 kms, will run between Sabarmati Railway Station and Bandra Kundra complex in Mumbai. A Rs 2,700 and Rs 3,000 – by air, traveling the same distance costs Rs 3,500-4,000.
10.08 am: Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani, during the inauguration of the bullet train event, expresses gratitude towards Japan. “The whole state of Gujarat is experiencing immense joy today,” he says, reports ANI.


A sex addict, Gurmeet Ram Rahim is now having withdrawal symptoms in jail

After Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh was diagnosed as a sex addict, doctors said the disease suffers from satyriasis – an excessive and uncontrollable desire for sex. A team of five doctors, including a psychiatrist, PGIMS examined Ram Rahim on Wednesday.
The reports said Ram Rahim complained of discomfort and unrest. Soon, a team of doctors visited him at Sunaira Prison in Rohtak. The doctors, after the examination, stated that Ram Rahim is a sexual addict and that the discomfort is only the symptoms of withdrawal. Interestingly, during his trial, Ram Rahim was medically unfit to have sex and it was impotent.
The special CBI tribunal, however, had rejected his allegations. Sources said he would have told doctors that health problems are a physical manifestation of some withdrawal symptoms he is suffering from. “The baba is, in fact, a follower of sex.” He has no access to physical pleasures in the prison which is at the origin of his agitation. “said a doctor who examined him in the prison. However, it remains unclear whether he was addicted to the drug too.
Some reports suggest that the Dera chief consumed alcohol until 1988. “I may not drink any more liquor now, but I have regularly consumed energy drinks and sex tonics that are particularly imported from Australia and other countries, “said a doctor. Interestingly, he asked the prison authorities to allow the “physiotherapist” Honeypreet to stay with him in the prison. He allegedly threatened the prison staff when he was asked to leave the prison complex. Meanwhile, Dera’s IT manager, Vineet, was arrested on Wednesday.
The police seized hard drives that were hidden in the toilet. The storage devices recorded recordings of approximately 5,000 CCTV cameras installed in the premises of Dera and Ram Rahim before being sent to prison. Sources said that this arrest should open up important tracks in the case.


iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8: A battle for smartphone dominance

Galaxy Note 8 vs. iPhone X. Paris is also available in this confrontation. The Prost vs. Senna, Federer vs. Nadal And In The World Of Cricket, India vs. Pakistan. In the game of smartphones, the constant rivalry between Apple and Samsung is competitive and relentless as mention.

Le Galaxy Note 8 and the iPhone X that the best ce that Samsung and Apple will try in the domain of smartphones. Le Galaxy Note 8 is the best Android phone for the iPhone X (default) le meilleur iPhone. Therefore, all Android and iOS smartphones have been offered in September 2017.

The note 8 and the iPhone X are freed with the components intérieurs immensément puissants, a beautiful incontournable conception, of cameras to double capacity, an OLED screen and a faciale recognition. Dans ce jeu froid et impitoyable, le smartphone devrait-il être victorieux? Regardons les deux téléphones en détail:

The history of all smartphones revolves around its design. Le Galaxy Note 8 contains many design models that Samsung presents in S8 and S8 Plus. Il est livré avec le même affichage “Infini” à bord et à distance. The smartphone is the composite glass and metal through the “Infinity” screen at a screen speed of 83%.

Eh well, it looks very good to S8, it’s not the most curviligne: il semblante plus encombrant et plus gérable.
Comme le Galaxy Note 8, the iPhone X is also a biseau and borderless design, a display shipped expansif and a plein verre.
The stainless steel masterpiece that allows the smartphone carrier and the free expedition, in appuyant on the impression of his phone in this sense that follows of glacer. What is the difference between the camera and the camera? What is the veritable caméra?

L’élégance parmi les objets intelligents selon l’édition complète des goûts et des préférences personnelles. Quelques objets d’argent 8. Le beau est dans l’œil du spectateur. Quelques objets d’argent 8. Le beau est dans l’œil du spectateur. Who can not be nié, is that smart phones are extremely futuristic and cutting edge.

Le Galaxy Note 8 with a 6.3-inch Super AMOLED screen with the Cuad HD + resolution and an aspect ratio of 18: 9. The Apple iPhone légèrement plus petit, 5.8 “Super Retina” according to Apple, qui offre an exceptionnel contrast, an excellent support of precise colors and colors.
Note 8 and the iPhone X with a plate with the plate with almost no biseau to speak. In conséquence, ils onté l’élégant et futuriste – comme s’ils étaient des apparences of films of science fiction.

Unfinished similarities: telephones intelligents avec des panneaux OLED that prennent in charge HDR 10 and Dolby Vision. The iPhone X as a South of the Spot, also in the form of TrueTone technology. L’écran True Tone modifies the temperature and color of the curtains depending on the environment reduces oculaire fatigue.
The iPhone X and note 8 are a technology equipment of faciale recognition d’un visage. However, Apple et son identité visuelle sont plus sécurisés, plus rapides et plus adaptables. Il y a eu des rapports génétiques sur la technologie de reconnaissance faciale de Samsung which is to be confused with the use of photos. Apple a dût identifier the opportunity to make a million people in the form of a character on the face of the other person.

Samsung’s biometric authentication works very well in the light of the light. The identification of the face, from other parties, the agreement with Apple, is eliminated by the lighting of the luxury intranet on the edge of the iPhone X.
Quoi de neuf on paper, the technology of identification of the Apple card, you are certain that the best chosen to do in note 8,.

Note 8: Use of a digital printing album to border. The capteur d’identification tactil d’Apple, which has been registered on all iPhones since the introduction on iPhone 5 in 2013, is remarqué by his son on the iPhone X.
If you are thinking of the rumeurs, Apple sincerely broadcasts the iPhone X digital cloud charger why the company is not connected to the smartphone screen. Même le capteur d’empreinte digitale de la note 8 est dans une endroit embarrassant et difficile, il est toujours préférable