Bihar Board hopes to get a clean chit in announcement of Class 10 results

Bihar Board hopes to get a clean chit in announcement of Class 10 results

Awaiting the results of 10 Bihar School Exam Examiner’s Class Examination (Breeding Exam) will end today.

More than 17.63 lakh students, including 8.66 lakh girls appeared for the examination of 1532 Bihar centers from 1 to 8 March. Elaborate security arrangements have been made by the Council to ensure free and fair examinations this year.

Although the Council succeeded in conducting fair reviews, the evaluation process was delayed for several reasons. One of the reasons is the strike of the school teachers, who had to evaluate the answer sheets, which ended in the evaluation process.

“When teachers have not ended their strike after several rounds of talks with government primary school teachers were used for evaluation work.” Although the reproductive examination has argued that only qualified teachers had participated in the failure of the Intermediate results are indicated otherwise, “a source in the education department said.

Physical verification also caused some delay in the publication of the results. “After the episode Ganesh Kumar (replacing middle-aged 42-year-olds who was sent to prison for age-forgery), he was asked to have the reproductive examination to ensure that all of the class 10 replacements were authentic. Personal check for reproductive examination at Patna earlier this month, “said a senior reproductive exam.

Taking a lesson from the intermediate exam results this year, where more than 64 percent. 100 (7.94 lakh) have failed to create a statewide riot, the Council also proposed to give thank-you notes to the class of students 10. “The proposal was sent to the service of education and was put into practice later Of a head movement by the government, which has also contributed to delay the announcement of the results, “said the official.

Today, all eyes are on the table, as it is trying to overcome the ghosts of large-scale cheating in 2015 in the class 10 exam and the 2016 scam, which kept it in the center controversy in the last years.


As Southwest Monsoon winds down, Maharashtra, states in Central India face drought

Hindustan Times reported that the India Meteorological Department (IMD) data showed.

India’s food bowl states of Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh – these states account for almost half of the country’s food production – received up to 36 percent less rainfall than the long-term average rainfall.


Drought conditions also loom over the chronically distressed-prone areas of Vidarbha, Marathwada, Bundelkhand and Telangana, according to the Hindustan Times report.

According to a report in The Times of India, with the monsoon heading for a sub-per performance – this season has seen around 6.2 percent less rainfall than a normal season – over 235 districts across the nation could be facing the prospect of a drought.

A majority of these districts lie in the hinterland: Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Vidarbha. UP, Haryana and MP are the hardest hit states, showing rain deficits of 31 percent, 28 percent and 25 percent respectively, according to The Times of India report.

According to Skymet, while the East and North East continue to receive normal rainfall, the North West, Central and South India have received 8 percent, 10 percent and 3 percent less rainfall than normal.


Rainfall data until 12 September by the India Meteorological Department (IMD) show that Central India remains rain-deficient by 10 percent, the highest among the broad regions of the country.

“This year, rainfall was largely localized rather than being distributed over a region. Heavy rains occurred in a short period of time, which was followed by a prolonged dry spell over the same region, “said D Sivananda Pai, head of climate research at IMD told The Indian Express. “This is a typical break-monsoon type, attributed to one of the associated features with climate change.”

The last 24 hours has seen vigorous rainfall over South Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Vidarbha, Marathwada, Konkan and Goa, north and coastal Karnataka and parts of Gujarat. Major rainfall was received in Mumbai (103 mm), followed by Adilabad (94 mm) and Aurangabad (82 mm), according to Skymet.

But a senior government official, speaking to the Financial Express contended that only of the country’s 550 districts with sizeable farmland were witnessing “moderate drought-like conditions” and added that the possibility of severe drought emerging in any district is virtually nil.

The IMD on Wednesday said that monsoon has recently been “vigorous” over Marathwada and “active” over Odisha, West Madhya Pradesh, Madhya Maharashtra and Vidarbha. Vidarbha, eastern and western Uttar Pradesh, western and eastern Madhya Pradesh and coastal Karnataka, according to the Financial Express report.


Rajasthan announces Rs 20,000 crore farm loan waiver, farmers protest ends

The Rajasthan government announced a Rs 20,000 crore farm-loan waiver on Thursday morning after a two-week-long protest.

The announcement – which waived loans of up to Rs 50,000 – came after a marathon meeting lasting 11 hours. Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Punjab. The Government of Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Punjab.

Agriculture minister Prabhulal Saini has made the announcement at a press conference past midnight. “We have agreed to waive loans for farmers up to Rs50,000. Rajasthan is the capital of Rajasthan, the capital of Rajasthan.

With the announcement, the farmers withdrew their protest and ended their sikar, causing inconvenience to people and huge jams on roads and highways. Farmers from adjoining districts too had joined in the protest. As the stir intensified, the government had the farmer leaders for talks on Tuesday.


Rajasthan farmers adamant on loan waiver
(S): Prabhulal Saini, Ajay Kilak, Pushpendra Singh, and Rampratap along with state BJP President Ashok Parnami held talks with an 11 member farmers’ delegation including form CPI MLAs Amraram and Pemaram and leaders Harphool Singh, Gursharan Singh, Sheopat Ram Narayan Dudui , Lalchand Bhadu and Chagganlal.

The talks were deadlocked over the issue of loan waiver. The farmers were demanding waiver of all loans amounting to Rs49,500 crore, but the loans amounted to Rs19,700 crore. After three rounds of talks through the day, the two sides finally reached an agreement.

Amraram expressed satisfaction at the agreement. “We regret the inconvenience caused to the people due to the stir and ask the farmers to end the sit in,” he said.

The Mountains of the Swaminathan (MSP), an increase in the size of the shrubs of the Swaminathan River from the Rs 500 to Rs 5,000, commission recommendations.


When farmers got Rs. 1 loan waiver

Over 17,260 farmers in Uttar Pradesh have received loan waiver certificates for only Rs. 1,000 or less under a scheme in which the BJP government had promised to waive farm loans to Rs. 1 lakh.

Of the 17,262 farmers, 4,814 got loan waivers of amounts between Rs. 1 and Rs. 100, while 6,895 received waivers of amounts between Rs. 100 and Rs. 500 and another 5,553 got waivers between Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000.

Under the first phase of its farm loan waiver scheme, the BJP government said it had so far distributed loan waiver certificates amounting to Rs. 7,371 crore of more than 11.93 lakh farmers in the State.

According to a statement issued by the government, 41,690 farmers have received loan waiver certificates of Rs. 1,000-10,000 while the largest chunk, 11.28 lakh farmers, received waiver certificates of more than Rs. 10,000 each.

The government was forced to issue a clarification after criticism that some farmers received loan waiver certificates of inconsequential amounts under the loan waiver scheme.

A farmer in Hamirpur’s Maudaha Tehsil, Shanti, was shocked to receive a loan waiver certificate of Rs. 10.37 even though she had a debt of more than Rs. 50,000.

Some farmers also reportedly received waiver certificates of less than Rs. 1, provoking the Samajwadi Party to accuse the Yogi Adityanath government of “cheating and humiliating” farmers.


Trying to quit smoking? Just get up and go for a run

Finding it hard to quit the bad habit of smoking? Joining a running group can help you say no to tobacco, a study has claimed.
The study, led by researchers from the University of British Columbia (UBC), evaluated Run to Quit – a national initiative targeting smoking cessation through group-based running clinics.

The results showed that half (50.8 per cent) of the people who completed a 10-week program were able to successfully quit smoking, while 91 per cent reportedly reduced their smoking.
“This shows that physical activity can be a successful smoking cessation and that community-based program might offer that.” “Because doing it on your own is very difficult,” said lead author Carly Priebe, postdoctoral student at UBC.

The findings were detailed in the journal Mental Health and Physical Activity.
In all, 168 smokers from across Canada registered for the 2016 Run to Quit program, and 72 of them stuck it out until the final week, when 37 participants had their claims of quitting verified by carbon-monoxide testing.

The weekly sessions included classroom time divided between running instruction and strategies for quitting smoking, plus an outdoor walking / running component that progressed toward a five-kilometer run.
Participants had access throughout the program to one-on-one phone counseling via the national quit-smoking line.

The program also showed improvement in participants’ mental health, as well as a reduction of nearly one-third in their average carbon monoxide level.
“Even if someone was not able to fully quit, reducing their smoking is great,” Priebe said.

“But it’s also about being active.” Most of the participants were new to running, and if it’s something that can become part of their lifestyle then there are health benefits that may counteract some of their smoking behaviors, “Priebe noted.


iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8: A battle for smartphone dominance

Galaxy Note 8 vs. iPhone X. Paris is also available in this confrontation. The Prost vs. Senna, Federer vs. Nadal And In The World Of Cricket, India vs. Pakistan. In the game of smartphones, the constant rivalry between Apple and Samsung is competitive and relentless as mention.

Le Galaxy Note 8 and the iPhone X that the best ce that Samsung and Apple will try in the domain of smartphones. Le Galaxy Note 8 is the best Android phone for the iPhone X (default) le meilleur iPhone. Therefore, all Android and iOS smartphones have been offered in September 2017.

The note 8 and the iPhone X are freed with the components intérieurs immensément puissants, a beautiful incontournable conception, of cameras to double capacity, an OLED screen and a faciale recognition. Dans ce jeu froid et impitoyable, le smartphone devrait-il être victorieux? Regardons les deux téléphones en détail:

The history of all smartphones revolves around its design. Le Galaxy Note 8 contains many design models that Samsung presents in S8 and S8 Plus. Il est livré avec le même affichage “Infini” à bord et à distance. The smartphone is the composite glass and metal through the “Infinity” screen at a screen speed of 83%.

Eh well, it looks very good to S8, it’s not the most curviligne: il semblante plus encombrant et plus gérable.
Comme le Galaxy Note 8, the iPhone X is also a biseau and borderless design, a display shipped expansif and a plein verre.
The stainless steel masterpiece that allows the smartphone carrier and the free expedition, in appuyant on the impression of his phone in this sense that follows of glacer. What is the difference between the camera and the camera? What is the veritable caméra?

L’élégance parmi les objets intelligents selon l’édition complète des goûts et des préférences personnelles. Quelques objets d’argent 8. Le beau est dans l’œil du spectateur. Quelques objets d’argent 8. Le beau est dans l’œil du spectateur. Who can not be nié, is that smart phones are extremely futuristic and cutting edge.

Le Galaxy Note 8 with a 6.3-inch Super AMOLED screen with the Cuad HD + resolution and an aspect ratio of 18: 9. The Apple iPhone légèrement plus petit, 5.8 “Super Retina” according to Apple, qui offre an exceptionnel contrast, an excellent support of precise colors and colors.
Note 8 and the iPhone X with a plate with the plate with almost no biseau to speak. In conséquence, ils onté l’élégant et futuriste – comme s’ils étaient des apparences of films of science fiction.

Unfinished similarities: telephones intelligents avec des panneaux OLED that prennent in charge HDR 10 and Dolby Vision. The iPhone X as a South of the Spot, also in the form of TrueTone technology. L’écran True Tone modifies the temperature and color of the curtains depending on the environment reduces oculaire fatigue.
The iPhone X and note 8 are a technology equipment of faciale recognition d’un visage. However, Apple et son identité visuelle sont plus sécurisés, plus rapides et plus adaptables. Il y a eu des rapports génétiques sur la technologie de reconnaissance faciale de Samsung which is to be confused with the use of photos. Apple a dût identifier the opportunity to make a million people in the form of a character on the face of the other person.

Samsung’s biometric authentication works very well in the light of the light. The identification of the face, from other parties, the agreement with Apple, is eliminated by the lighting of the luxury intranet on the edge of the iPhone X.
Quoi de neuf on paper, the technology of identification of the Apple card, you are certain that the best chosen to do in note 8,.

Note 8: Use of a digital printing album to border. The capteur d’identification tactil d’Apple, which has been registered on all iPhones since the introduction on iPhone 5 in 2013, is remarqué by his son on the iPhone X.
If you are thinking of the rumeurs, Apple sincerely broadcasts the iPhone X digital cloud charger why the company is not connected to the smartphone screen. Même le capteur d’empreinte digitale de la note 8 est dans une endroit embarrassant et difficile, il est toujours préférable


What you should (Do) while selecting Best Wireless Router

There are many people who are curious to get the proper Wireless Router due to the High-Frequency Bandwidth which is quite better than any other Networks such as 2G, 3G or 4G etc. People have lots of work in the Company and they have to manage every task within the particular Time period.

So it is necessary to purchase a better Wireless Router as it will provide them High Internet speed according to their requirement. It is possible to select the Best Wireless Router, but it is the difficult task.

There are lots of Wireless Routers of various Companies like Asus, Netgear, and Linksys etc. which provides you High Speed.

So it is also necessary to check the Wireless Router with some of the Steps mentions below -:

1) Note your Internet Top Speed

Internet speed can be known by contacting your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or else looking at the A/C Details. Internet speed is measured in the Megabytes and if your Internet Speed is 100 Mb/s, then people will require a better Router which provides them 100 Mb/s Speed.

2) Look for Local Internet Service Provider

There are many of the Alternatives for getting a Local Internet Service Provider. There are lots of options given by the Service Provider to get a Wireless Router at Rent.

This will make your Routers cost less per month, but it will provide you better Wireless Router speed. So try this if you have a money issue.

3) Check whether you have a proper Router or not –

If the people have a Wireless Router than they should not take a Router as they have to take both the Router and Modem. Modem is used to connect to the Access point and the Router plugs into the Modem for broadcasting the Signal of Wi-Fi.

If the people already have the better Router of different Company, then they should authenticate with their current ISP for ensuring that the Modem will work with the current service. People can be able to purchase Router as well as Modem for a Low Price Range as it is much more costly for replacing or fixing it.

4) Outline your Budget –

If you have a budget in mind and want to take both Router and Modem, then with your Budget, you will get clear idea of choosing the Router and Modem. People have to spend atleast $200 to get a better Wireless Router with Modem of better quality.

People should keep a Flexible Budget, as Router can be more reliable and provide better Performance if it costs more cost than your Budget. So it is important to have a quite better budget to get a High-Quality Router and Modem.

5) Space require for keeping the Router for covering your entire area –

People should first determine the Range of the Router and check the Room area for the Router Signal to reach at it. Floors as well as Walls reduce the Speed of the Signal and people require a Router as per the Area of the Room.

People will require High Range Router for a Big Room and Small Range Router for a Small Room. If the people work on many Rooms with wide space area, then they will require buying a more than one Router and have to place them on the similar Network.



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